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Several months ago I was walking my german shepherd when I spotted something rather familiar sticking out of the dumpster at my apartment complex. It was the headstock of a guitar I recall from over 20 years ago when I was in high school. Instantly I was transported to 1985 to Farrington music at the Seaview Square mall in New Jersey where I remember checking out a very similar guitar. I even recal that I thought it was nice ,  felt solid and well built. The reason I didnt buy it was two-fold; On one hand I thought it was a bit too expensive for what it was competing with in the market at the time. And on the other hand it was too expensive for what it was competing with in my mind, which was Angus Young and a wine red 1962 Gibson sg, with a side ...

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mako guitar
black mako tele
mako guitar tele
Mako Ts-3 Traditionals

Demonstrating acoustic values of a vintage Mako strat style guitar. Plugged directly into Behringer XENYX 1222 FX mixing board, all EQ on neutral and just a touch of reverb. Second part (2:00) is to demonstrate that all guitars sound about the same on hi distortion. Played on Roland Cube 20x set on Metal Stack and plugged directly into the mixing board. Recorded directly into computer via USB.

About Mako Guitars

Mako guitars are a highly collectible brand of mainly Japanese guitars from the 1970's and 1980's. The Mako brand went defunct in 1989 but today many folks are coming across these well-made guitars from another era. The woods in these old Mako's has had some time to settle and now instaed of a cheap guitar,you have a great vintage resonant axe. Reviews, Photos, Videos and Questions at Mako Guitars the Tribute and info hub everything MAKO

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